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New Year 's Speech

Writer:徐良Date:2014-02-11 09:44

Dear friends: the occasion of the Lunar New Year holiday; here to colleagues, friends, ladies and gentlemen to greet you, to New Year! In twinkling of an eye has been drifting in 2013, February 2014 We have ushered in a new year of struggle, no high-quality staff will not have excellent business, corporate behavior is all personal behavior, in the past 2013 Chairman Bu Ye Zhong and general manager Li Xiaohong with Jill People continue to improve their own quality, and constantly improve themselves, stresses integrity, stresses righteousness, justice, advancing with the times, passing positive energy has achieved good results. In the past year, 2013 is a big step for Gilda, where the warehouse has doubled, infrastructure, equipment investment, customer cooperation increased, staff increased, business continues to rise, all of our staff is difficult to The development of the Gilda to the silk industry has left a good impression of the past. In the past 2013 Gilda in the high-grade pocket cloth, high-end brand clothing fabric above the acquisition of the same time, The breakthrough in technology and the addition of business is the result of the enthusiasm and perspiration of colleagues, customers, suppliers and employees who are devoted to this family. These will be the history of Gilda's development and become a flashing page. In 2010, Gilda people in the customer first, service-oriented, staff first, serious work, the integrity of the people. Critics. People-oriented, social services, the quality of the practice, the image of the tree outside the purpose of creating "integrity legislation enterprises, professional innovation "The spirit of enterprise, and constantly go beyond the self, the pursuit of excellence, from a moment of success to the eternal success. Gilda's tomorrow is everyone's tomorrow, Gilda's brilliant is everyone's glory, let us join hands for the progress of Gilda tomorrow, for the development of our cause and make unremitting efforts! Finally, I wish everyone in the new year Happy new year, good health, family happiness, horse year auspicious!

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