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Chairman of the Board of Directors in New Year in 2013

Writer:徐良Date:2013-01-02 10:09

2012 is also a very challenging year of our Gilda, in this year, we Gilda people have experienced too much, everything seems to suddenly let everyone full of frustration, we Gilda in this situation The wind and rain, with a pride firmly through the 2012, this year we all the way through the clutter, "the road is long Xi Xi Xi, I will from top to bottom and seeking", we are not afraid to make mistakes, but we are most afraid to know Wrong, I believe that today Gilda error will become the future Gilda more brilliant foundation.

It is hard to prove that our Gilda is a team of empathy and goodwill, so here on behalf of myself and my wife to all my brothers and sisters to express my heartfelt thanks to our share Friends of friends to express my heartfelt thanks to our friends in the snowy friends expressed my heartfelt thanks. Gilda no matter how powerful the future, we will not forget all the brothers and sisters and our respect for the partners!

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